CTE Classes at MHS

Paige Houchen, Journalism 1 Student

Introduction to Industrial Technology

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  Each year students at McPherson High School get the chance to pick their classes  some of them being CTE (Career Technical Education) classes that are designed to help students learn and prepare for a career that they may be interested in. To learn about different CTE classes feature will be covering different classes each week.

Nationally, the graduation rate of students actively involved in CTE classes its at 93%, as opposed to the 80% rate for students who aren’t involved. Here at MHS, Intro to Industrial Tech is an offered four-part class, students will be introduced to basic drafting, carpentry, automotive tech, and welding, offered to grades 9-12. It’s a full year 1 credit course that is taught by four different teachers, switching every 9 weeks. This class is to prepare you for any industrial workforce you may decide to go into. It is a prerequisite course for Building Trades, Carpentry I, Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) I, Automotive Tech I, and Production Welding I.

   Basic Drafting provides the foundation for CAD classes. This course teaches how drafting relates to construction and how to draft on paper. In taking this part of the course, students learn about architecture drafting, as well as drawing up plans for things like a bolt. This class introduces students to important information about how you would go about starting a career in architecture.

   Carpentry is a hands-on class of construction. It teaches the proper and safe way to use tools and work as a team on a single, large project. In 2014, that project was a shed built for the purpose of giving MMS a place to store equipment.

   Automotive Tech teaches the about vehicle preventative maintenance, and proper care, and basic repair skills. This segment teaches life skills, such as how to change a tire.

   Welding/Manufacturing teaches basic skills needed to carry out welding procedures. Just like with carpentry, this class instructs students on proper and safe ways to use tools around your peers.

   “During the first quarter, my class is building a house, and there’s been a couple looking at it, interested in living in it. Second quarter we draft, third we weld, and finally automotive technology. I love the class, but I’m afraid drafting won’t be as fun as building a house. I liked carpentry a lot and I’m looking forward to welding,” freshman James Parker said. “It could be preparing some people for their career choices, but I’m just in for a year or two.”


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