Not Your Typical Walking Dead

Julia Eilert, Writer


 Skimming through the beginning of City of the Dead, by Brian Keene, it comes across as another typical zombie novel. One that follows the typical death sequence of characters and alludes to tragic loss in the past. Maybe there’s a twist to how the zombies work, but it’s usually not that great of an quirk. I didn’t have high hopes for this book when I started. However, as the story progressed and forced me to examine Keene’s theory in depth I realized that it is a terrifying book. The utter hopelessness that is woven into such a simple idea is devastating. The audience is forced to stay with the characters, and when the futility of the situation finally hits the protagonists it hits the reader for the first time as well. It induces panic and a need to know what’s going to happen next. This is a zombie book worth reading, especially for any avid horror enthusiasts. The gore isn’t too great, but when it does pop up, Keene does a decent job conveying the scene with accuracy. I’d recommend this for anyone who enjoys zombie stories, or would like to get into them.