Fall in Love with Autumn

Olivia Hansen, Co-Editor

As the leaves start to die and the pumpkin lattes get brought out, we’re once again reminded of the glorious fall season ahead. So, to make sure this autumn lives up to the hype, here’s a list of Fall Must Do’s.

1.) Buy a fall scented candle, it’ll get your nose in the mood for the season, then your body will naturally follow.

2.) Eat a meal outside at least once a week. Eating outside can help you to taste your food better, and really make the meal worth having.

3.) Head to a pumpkin patch. Nothing says fall like tripping over huge rotting pumpkins, and acting like Charlie Brown (in search of the biggest pumpkin).

4.) Perfect a fall recipe (such as hot cider, or apple pie). Nothing says fall like treating yourself.

5.) Play in the leaves. Once the leaves start falling from the trees, gather a few friends and rake them up (only to jump in them again and again).

6.) Attend football games. Dress up for the theme nights, buy yourself a hot dog and settle in, because it’s football season.

7.) Check out a book from the book store. On the harsh and cold days, stay in and snuggle up with a great book and some hot tea.

8.) Be scared at a haunted house. As October draws to a close, head to a Haunted House to be scared straight into the holiday season.

9.) Have a bonfire with all your friends. Not only will it make you warmer, it’s perfect for roasting marshmallows and making memories.

10.) Enjoy every second of it, because before we know it… we’ll be sweating in July again!