Favorite Sharp Object Survey

I surveyed 20 students and staff at MHS, and this is what I found out. I asked the question, “What is your favorite sharp object?” They had the following objects to choose from: glass shard, knife, scissors, battle axe, thumb tac, fork, and sharpened candy cane.  Here are my results. Glass shard got 2 votes. Knife got 1 vote and was picked by our beloved SRO. Scissors earned 3 votes all of which were teacher votes. Battle axe got 4 votes. Thumb tac tied with battle axe and I got comments like, “It is discrete.” or, “A classic.” Fork got a lonely 1 vote. Our winner is sharpened candy cane with an impressive 5 votes! I can’t say I am surprised people enjoy sharpening them and it was probably my most creative option of the bunch. But I also think the results were really close and if I interviewed more people it could’ve gone differently.