Movies On A Snow Day!

What makes the perfect stay in snow day? MOVIES! Here are some good movies for your snow day! So grab your blankets, pillows, warm up some hot chocolate, put on some pjs and those fuzzy socks and get ready for an amazing stay in snow day!!

1.) Frosty The Snowman (TV special)- Nothing is better than seeing a jolly old snowman named Frosty and some young school kids become the best of friends! Frosty comes to life after a magical top hat is put onto his head. The magician that owns the hat is wanting it back and the temperature begins to warm up, though Frosty will no longer have his jolly soul if the hat is taken and will melt if he doesn’t make it to a colder area and QUICK! The group of young kids help Frosty make an escape from the magician and find his way to the North Pole where he will stay cold.

2.) Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer- This amazing children’s movie is based on a reindeer named Rudolph that has such a bright red nose, though is made fun of and labeled as an outcast for it. When Santa is in need of help to have his sleigh guided through a bad storm on Christmas Eve, Rudolph is put in front to help!

3.) Prancer- A young girl named Jessica Riggs with a huge belief in Santa Claus comes across an injured reindeer in the woods whom she believes is Prancer and that he belongs to Santa. With some help from a veterinarian, Jessica cares for the reindeer. Though he is supposed to stay a secret, everyone around town discovers him and causes problems.

 4.) The Flight Before Christmas- Niko, a young reindeer who’s suffered from vertigo is learning to face his fears and takes flying lessons from a little flying squirrel. Though he also helps Santa and his fleet of reindeer who seem to be in some trouble.

These few movies are such great films to watch whether the stay in snow day is by yourself or with family and friends! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!