Meet The Journalism Team-Maryn Sandbo

Meet Maryn Sandbo. When interviewing Maryn, I asked her five questions . The first question I asked her was “What is it like going to MHS?” Maryn’s response was “Kinda boring, very stressful, I mostly come to school for sports. ”  After that I asked her “How long have you been going to school here? ” Maryn said “Well I’m a freshman and it’s only the second week of school so 2 weeks. ” I then asked her “What is your favorite thing about MHS?” Maryn replied with “Probably sports “Maryn does 3 sports. She plays tennis, basketball, and runs track. I asked Maryn why she plays each of those sports and her response was “I play tennis because it’s an individual and a team sport and I love playing singles. I play basketball because my dad is a coach and I just enjoy playing it.  It’s really fun. I run track because I love the adrenaline rush, and it’s also fun.  I asked her what events do you do in track Maryn replied with “I do the 800 and the mile.”  After talking about sports I asked Maryn “What is your least favorite thing about MHS? ” Maryn said “My least favorite thing is probably all the homework and all the assignments we do.” I lastly asked Maryn “If you could move schools would you?” Maryn said “Yes I probably would because I have too much energy, and I’m too talkative for this small of a school.”