MHS Volleyball Goes to State!

The 2021-2022 school year was definitely one to remember! Volleyball season was by far one of my favorite things this year and I made so many memories. I started off the season playing JV with some of my best friends. I loved going to practice every day and being around everyone. Our JV team did amazing and we all played really well together.

After the JV season had ended most of our team still stuck around practice to practice with the varsity girls who were getting ready for sub-state and state. It was some of the most fun practices we had all year. We messed around while they were doing some of their things by themselves and when we played we didn’t have to run if we lost, as we normally would. Soon sub-state rolled around and they were ready! Us JV girls decorated the locker room all cute with balloons and streamers and much more to make them get all hyped up and win Sub-state.  We decorated pumpkins for them for send off and gave them to them as good luck gifts. Soon it was game time, they were all ready to go and the student section was filling up ready to cheer them on. Some of us JV girls bought confetti poppers to pop when they won sub-state. Sure enough, there were a few more points left and we were winning! We pulled out the poppers to get ready to pop them and then Mr. Backhus came over and took them away. We didn’t get to celebrate as we wanted but we still went crazy when we won.

About a week before state came, I was sitting down on the couch in my living room when I got a call from Coach Doile. I answered and she started talking. She then asked if I wanted to suit up for varsity at the State Volleyball Tournament! I said yes without hesitation and then soon enough on October 29, I was leaving school early to get sent off for State. Before we left we got balloons and released them into the sky for good luck. We took lots of pictures and got on the bus to leave. We got exported out of town by police cars and lots of other cars honking and waving, telling us good luck. It was so much fun and I was so pumped that I got to experience it. We arrived to the State tournament and set up camp. We all got our hair braided by each other, and put in our good luck ribbons. We watched some of the other matches to see how the teams play, and then soon enough we were putting on our knee pads and shoes to go warm up for our first match.

The state tournament didn’t go as we planned but that doesn’t change how many memories I made, and how close I grew with the girls.  After the tournament came lots of tears and goodbyes to our seniors, and that was the hardest part. This volleyball season was so much fun and I had a great time the whole time. I can’t wait for next year and for all the future memories to be made.