Remote Learning

There has been a lot of conflict about whether students should be in school or not right now during the pandemic. I personally am okay being online  because it allows me to sleep in and get more work done. I’m able to be done with some classes early because not all teachers don’t want us to zoom all day which allows me to do other things around the house and I enjoy that. 


There are downsides to it though, that being internet issues and it can be hard to focus sometimes. There are also some classes that I’d rather be in class for such as English and yearbook because it’d be easier to communicate with the teacher as well as other students.


I feel like it is probably best for our community too because we were in crowded hallways and classrooms and it was hard to stay socially distanced. In this case I feel like it has helped at least a little bit to slow the spread of the virus.


Although some people feel like being full remote has affected students’ mental health in a negative way, I don’t feel like being remote has done that to me. In fact I think it has helped me.