Snowy weather makes getting to school difficult for some

Snowy weather makes getting to school difficult for some

The cold weather has been affecting us all this week. With the snow and the ice and below-freezing temperatures. Here are some students who tell us how the weather made it difficult to make it to school or even change how they get to school, and even have to eat lunch at the school instead of leaving.

These students talked about have  Maleah Paine junior said,” I usually leave the school for lunch but because of the slick roads her mom had to take her to school and she didn’t have a car to leave for lunch.” Ella Dysinger junior said,” I normally don‘t leave for lunch but if I did I would not go when it is snowing outside.”

 Another student Skylar Lockard sophomore said,” I usually ride my bike to school my parents had to give me a ride to and from school these past couple of days.” Aley Brown freshman said,” The weather really didn’t change how I get to school, my mom just had to leave a little bit earlier.”

 Marissa Pearcy said junior,” I go to practice in Witchita every day, but because of this snowy weather I had to stay in McPherson to practice.”

So some people have some more difficulty getting to school than others this week but it is good that they all got to school safely.