MHS Students Struggle With Masks Mandate

   There are many mixed emotions on how masks are now mandatory. Lots of people agree with the concept and many don’t. Here are some things that our fellow peers have to say. 

  Some students noted that people are not wearing mask. Cheyenne Yardley, junior, said,“I think it’s going horribly. The only teacher I know of that enforces the masks in his class is Mr. Willis. I’m starting to see more and more people who just completely take their mask off and don’t wear it at all. Tons of kids are wearing it under their nose, and I’ve even had a few teachers wear it around their chin. This is ridiculous, and I’m not even sure how the building is still open. Obviously, these kids don’t have the decency or respect to wear their mask correctly, and the staff is doing nothing about it.”  

  Students at MHS disagree about the science behind masks. Kyndall Sandbo, freshman, had this to say about the topic, “Well take what you want from this but I see a lot of people wandering the hallways with other people just not wearing mask and they’re like ‘oh its my friends they don’t have covid’ but that’s not how it works.”  Vailyn Turley, freshman said, “ People need to be wearing masks because it is scientifically proven to decrease the spread of deadly diseases and viruses, including COVID-19. It can not prevent you from contacting the virus, but it can prevent you from giving the virus to others. That means that if everyone were to wear a mask, then the rates of COVID-19 transmission would decrease.”


Here are ideas on what students at MHS should be doing. Sandbo said, “So far I think it’s getting better but there are also few people who think that it’s fine because they think it’ll never happen to them but that’s not how it works. This will be over sooner if we can get more people to simply keep their mask on.” Turley said, In areas of the world where mask and social distancing mandates were immediately passed, COVID-19 transmission rates plummeted, and many of those countries and islands dont have the virus anymore. We need to follow their example, and start caring for one another.”