Is the COVID serious?

     Do you ever just think back to January and think why can’t we just go back to the good old days. Why can’t people just act like it is just a normal virus? In my thoughts, I think this whole overreacting was just not necessary. From the 2 month quarantine then to having to social distance and wear masks every time we go out in public. I don’t think people should have acted the way they did about the Coronavirus.

     For a healthy person, it’s not that big of a deal and should get over it like the stomach flu or a stuffy nose or something. If you had cancer or something else it wouldn’t be good if they got the COVID and they would probably have a tougher time fighting the virus.  But I don’t feel like this virus is any different than the flu like a runny nose or a fever. I also feel like this virus was really government-controlled, I feel like the government shouldn’t have shut down the world for a virus like the common cold.

     What they should have done and would have been in a better manner as if they would have left it up to the people to like those businesses that could have been like hey, you can come to work if you want to but, otherwise you can stay home and work online if you have any worry about COVID. The government should have done the same thing with the schools too. If you feel fine going to school you can but you can do it online if you feel better doing it like that. So just in general I hope that the world will eventually go back to normal within the next few months or to a year.