What to do while in quarantine

Stay safe

Stay safe

What to do while on quarantine? Hmm, you can’t go out with friends, can’t walk anywhere, can’t even leave your house. What CAN you do?

Here are some suggestions-

Read a book
Text or call friends and family
Play video games
Clean your room/house
Watch Youtube
Watch movies
Play with your pets
Work out
Summon demons
Do puzzles
Go for a short walk
Find a TV show to binge watch
Listen to new music (Ask friends for suggestions)
Write a story or a song
FaceTime people
Write a bucket list
Listen to a podcast (I suggest the NoSleep podcast)
Take personality test
Treat yourself
Reorganize something

Whatever you decide to do, remember social distancing. Stay approximately 6ft away from people. This isn’t only to protect yourself but to protect others as well. Stay safe and healthy. But have a good time. In the words of my mother, Kathleen Haden, “Quarantine sucks, but stay inside so we have a better chance of this passing.”