Are Teachers’ Reactions Always A Positive Impact Towards Students?


Atlanta Wing

picture from mhs in Amy Burrill’s room

In a classroom, there are students and adults. Who are those people? What their attitude?

My opinion is that teachers or staff all together should be more positive towards things. Adults should consider how they react to students in a crisis or if students are misbehaving to one another or themselves.

 We have all seen and may experience things such as staff interacting negatively with students. However, we have all seen adults with positive attitudes towards others. Of course, we know the teacher’s reaction is not always their fault because a student could always push it too far.

All people need to recognize that not everyone looks at things the same as one another. Also, we all have things that go on in our lives and it’s not like you can always control that. 

I’m not saying that all staff is rude or disrespectful it’s just some honestly need to work on their reaction towards students. But students also need to understand what people are going through too. But I feel as if staff and students both have different reactions to things.

Have you seen or experienced a negative reaction from a peer or staff?