The Illusion of Life

Be careful, for you never know whats real.

Devon Haden

Be careful, for you never know what’s real.

It’s nothing but an illusion; a sick, twisted, painful, nasty, complex, yet lovely illusion. Just as all illusions are… It’s fake. None of it’s real. It’s all made up- made up lies. Once something bad happens, it’s over. The illusion? Ha, that’s gone. Like nothing ever happened. And it hurts. Like hell. You’re just stuck, alone, wondering; What just happened? Where did I go wrong? What’s wrong with me? How can I be so stupid? And finally… How much of it was a lie?

That something may happen a LOT before reality hits you. All of the warning signs, all the red flags, that this illusion has hidden from you. Were there. I guarantee it. Either, you knew and decided to ignore them, for you didn’t want to believe that the end of something you enjoyed so much and have had for so long, is near. You put your trust and your time into it. Into them. Or maybe, you had no clue. Did the illusion blind you that much? 

You may think you’re safe from the illusion, I know I did. But it washes over you so quickly. Drowning you right away. It happens so quickly and unexpectedly. Right when you begin believing again; “It’s okay,” “I’m okay,” “Maybe, just maybe, I’m not as bad and as messed up as I think. Is it even possible? It couldn’t be. Could it really? “I’m happy and in love.” 

After reality hits, when the illusion lifts itself from you. At that very moment you realize; “I WAS WRONG!! How could I be so stupid? What’s wrong with me? I let myself get hurt. Nothing, not even death itself, can take that pain away.” You’re right, death won’t make anything better. It will only make things worse for the people who care about you.

Love and life itself. That’s what I’m talking about. Not just sexually, or romantically, but friend wise too. It’s all just a- You got it… An illusion. Just words. With definitions, assumed by humans. Everything we know is scam. Nothing’s real. Even the word “real” was made up by somebody. 

Someone just started making things up or discovering new things, just to make life more bearable and interesting enough to continue. If you’re not the one making things up, you’re the one blindly and ignorantly following. There’s nothing more to life than that.  If you really think about it. Nothing, and I mean nothing has an actual purpose. Take a fly for example. It does nothing, but fly around, eat, spit, repopulate, and die. Butterflies are the exact same, but they do one good thing with their lives before they die. They make the earth look pretty as they pollinate flowers. Without butterflies we wouldn’t have flowers. Or is it, without flowers we wouldn’t need butterflies. Then we have mosquitoes, same thing as well, but they suck blood and transmit diseases. People are no better. We kill and eat innocent creatures. We pollute the earth, take everything for granted. We can’t even treat each other, our own species right. But that’s what makes us human right? Mistakes. Because if we were all perfect and the same, life would be boring. Apparently the opposite of boring is chaotic. 

Everything dies in the end. But you never know what’ll happen next, something exciting may happen. Just have to wait in see; Does it get better? Will the illusion consume you again?  Is it better to live in the illusion or reality? Then you have to keep in mind; Is this actually an illusion or is it reality? Not everything is an illusion. You just have be able to decipher the difference between them. 

Food for thought, eh? Gotta keep life interesting some how. Right?