Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Cooks, Dedicated to Family and Sports.



Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Cooks going for a spike during practice

MHS senior Cassie Cooks, one of the best players on the volleyball team. She has a lot of achievements and is very friendly and big on family. Being on any team is like having an extended family. 

      1   – What was one of the highlights of playing volleyball in high school?

 It built a lot of team family, you create more friendships, create more mental health volleyball is definitely a mental health sport and you have to have the mentality to be very  strong and if you don’t then you can’t play volleyball.

      2. – Are you going to continue to play volleyball in college?

Yes i’m actually committed to Gracelynn university in Lamone, Iowa. to play volleyball and so i’m signing Wednesday at 3pm.

      3. – What positions have you played throughout high school?

Well I’ve been a lot of places I was in middle for my freshman, sophomore and half of my junior year. Then I was moved to the outside. I’ve been on the right side, you can go to the right side, and if you’re middle you can go anywhere, middle’s got it all.

      4.  –  What was your favorite position to play?

Outside, definitely.

       5. – How do you balance volleyball and school? Is it difficult to manage?

Well, yes if you don’t have good time management, but if you do then it can move pretty quickly and easily. You just have to use your time wisely and if you have a lot of fun with it, it just goes by faster.

       6. – What is something you do before a game?

I mess around mostly, that’s something I always do, and I just get in game mode.

        7. – What are some training techniques you use to stay fit in between seasons?

I do workout with a family friend and he’s a trainer, it’s called uphill fitness and it’s absolutely killer, he kills you.  I do swim in my free time when I have nothing else to do. If I don’t do any of that then I just do my own workouts, I do SPS during the school year and I just can’t sit down.

         8. – What are a few things you do outside of school and sports, something else you try to balance into your schedule?

Well, I do club volleyball as well and that goes through basketball season. So I do two sports at a time, but then I also have two jobs. I work at the YMCA and i’m a tutor here at the High school, I do that and my trainer and school. 

         9. – Do you have any family members or pets you also try to spend time with regularly?

Yes, I do, I have my mom but she only works nights so I only see her for maybe an hour at night almost everyday. I also try to give my cats some love, and I can tell when I haven’t been around much when they’re both on me and won’t stop. They really try to cuddle when I haven’t been home in awhile.

         10. – Do you ever struggle to try to balance school, family, sports, and anything else you have?

Sometimes yeah, everyone has a mental breakdown where everything kinda falls apart. But tomorrow’s another day and the more organized you are, an agenda really helps keep it all together though.

         11. – What was one of your favorite things throughout high school, anything in general?

Definitely sports, because if I went through high school with no sports then, I don’t know what I would be like.