Directors Disapprove of Netflix’s Playback Speed Feature


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Netflix’s higher playback speeds are upsetting Hollywood directors and actors.

Recently, Netflix has introduced a feature that allows viewers to change the playback speed of a movie or show they are watching. This feature known as ‘speed binging’ is created for the purpose of getting shows done faster. A lengthy show that may be finished in an hour or so could then be completed in half an hour.

While some may think this newly added element would be a great addition to the brand, many actors and directors have come forward and expressed their disapproval. Directors Judd Apatow, Brad Bird, and Peyton Reed asked Netflix on Twitter not to move forward with the tool and Aaron Paul tweeted “That would mean they are completely taking control of everyone else’s art and destroying it.”

In a blog, responding to the hate from the announcement of this feature, Netflix’s vice president Keela Robison wrote “This is a mobile only test and gives people the ability to vary the speed at which they watch on phones or tablets…We’ve been sensitive to creator concerns and haven’t included bigger screens, in particular TVs…We have no plans to roll any of these tests out in the short term. And whether we introduce there features for everyone at some point will depend on the feedback we receive.”

With a wide range of teens at MHS watching Netflix on a daily basis, students had many different opinions on this controversy. Sophomore, Tailynn Buettgenbach, said “I would enjoy this feature because some shows that I watch are really slow and I would like to finish them faster.” Sophomore, Taylor Berger, said, “I would enjoy this on apple phones too because Netflix takes a lot of time to watch but I would still like to watch my shows.” Sophomore, Alex Henry, had a different opinion, “Why would they do that? You can’t even hear what they’re saying if it’s fast.”
What do you think of the addition of this feature on Netflix?

Despite the controversy, if Netflix decided to move this to all screens, is this something you would use?