Do you trust Fast-food?

Would you trust him to handle your food?

Ella Dysinger

This employee is doing his job the correct way, but it’s your job to trust him.

I’m guessing you like most fast-food restaurants, right? So do I, and one of my favorites is Braums. When I go there I know that skilled people are working on my order and I don’t worry about a thing. This is because they have a wide counter, and I usually see my order being prepared. I see the chef flipping my burger & carefully scooping up my fries, making sure not to touch any of them. And seeing them gently wrap up the meal in paper and setting it down on a clean tray is a reassurance that I’m safe to eat this awesome food. But this isn’t the case in other restaurants. 

I’m sure all other fast food places have the same amount of quality and I’m not going to rant about how bad restaurants are, I’ve been to almost all fast-food places and the food is always pretty good. I’m just saying that it makes me feel better if I know for sure that what I’m about to eat is in the right hands.

Mcdonalds has a little space where you can see the grill, but it’s not as big as Braums. So I’m fine with Mcdonald’s too. But still, when I go to someplace like Wendy’s, Dairy Queen or Sonic, then I have to trust the employees to handle it the right way. But that’s not a huge problem. I’ve gone to all those places ever since I could walk, and nine times out of ten, they get my food exactly right. Pretty much all places guarantee that they cook your food fresh when you order.

The appearance of the food is important too. I am one of those picky people who don’t like pickles or onions, so when I go out, I usually order a burger with just ketchup. But every time I do, I always lift up the bun to see if they got my order right. They usually do, and I chow down. I repeat this process at any restaurant every time I order a burger, and there was only one time the people got it wrong. That place will remain nameless.

So don’t worry, if the restaurant was really bad at substitutions and couldn’t get an order right on a regular basis, then it would not be open. And if they do get it wrong, they will usually give you a free replacement. Remember, they are humans, and humans make mistakes, so there might be a slight chance that they forgot something but don’t worry about it. All the restaurants in town have dependable employees who are keen on detail. They will take care of your order.

You should trust the farmer or butcher who prepared the food, and the company who handled it too. You need to believe that the journey from farm to fork, is completely reliable. The bottom line is, that if you are not entirely confident that the food you’re about to eat has been properly handled and safe to eat, then get a replacement. This is your food, and it’s their job to make sure you want to eat it.