New stadium: Can We Afford It?



The halls of MHS remain crowded before and after lunch.

McPherson High School students give their opinion:


Many students have dreamed about what their ideal school would look like. While the McPherson High School may not be the science fiction school we all dreamed of, it fits all students inside unlike the stadium at the McPherson College. A bond issue that has recently came into view could issue a new stadium at MHS. 



“I would hope that in planning for a new stadium that someone would have thought about location prior to this information. If the location was near the school it would be a lot easier to access for practices and activities. said Mrs. Pyle. 


Bond Issue   


A bond issue that has recently became a problem in McPherson could lead to the production of a new stadium at the McPherson High School. There are many issues that students deal with at MHS that could be resolved in the making of this new stadium. 

There are times throughout the day when the hallways of MHS seem especially crowded, like when the first bell rings in the morning or right after lunch. When there is hundreds of students trying to get from point A to point B in 4 minutes or less, it can get a little chaotic. 

Sophomore, Joaquin Sporleder, said, “There’s a lot of people in the school and they’re just trying to get from place to place.”

The hallways could also be an issue of safety in the case of a fire or shooting, which is definitely a reasonable concern for many students. The already small hallways are taken up by fans and students walking in different directions. Freshman, Gracie Nelson, said, “They’re really hard to get through.”




Several students noted that any bond issue should also consider repairs to the existing McPherson High School such as new walls, ceiling, and flooring.

 Naomy Aguilar, junior said, “I think that we should restructure the walls or at least patch them up because…come on, this school is old. Another thing that should be fixed is the ventilation system because it is pretty awful in some rooms.”  

Ashlyn Shugart said, “The carpet is hard to walk over. I do believe it would be a good cause to raise money for. Because people could trip over the bumps as I have many times. It could cause injuries.”

 Some students see the need for repairs, but also like the idea of a new stadium. Sophomore, Micheal Santillian, noted several things that need repaired or replaced, “MHS needs new lockers to fix walls because the holes in the walls…” and he concluded, “A new stadium would be more fun.”