How Important is Collecting?

Everyone collects something, from coins, to cats, to creepy dolls. We all have our own collections. We all do it for many different reasons. Some people collect for sentimental value. Some do it because in the future they may stop making that product, then they can sell it for a lot of money. Others may collect just for fun or for looks. Either way, they all have their own stories. I would like to share my own and a few others with you. 

Here are two great examples of how people can collect items because of tragedy or loss. Collecting can be a coping mechanism. A way to keep them closer or to honor the deceased or an event.


Rebekah Waage-”When I was 5 our house burned down. My grandma was traveling and she had her train case with her. It was one of the only things that survived. I didn’t start finding them until I was an adult, so I didn’t start collecting them until then.“


Jason Smith-“My father got me into collecting coins. He used to like silver. I didn’t start really getting into it until I was around 26. When I found out about the Mercury dime.  But I’ve always had a fascination with history. Every coin have their own story.”


Some people collect to express themselves. Some even collect just because they find joy In growing a collection.   


Shaylyn Grant- “I like collecting books because it’s a good escape from the world. I started about two, three years ago. My favorite books that I own are the Falconer trilogy by Elizabeth May, or all of my Stephen King books.”


V haden- “I started collecting buttons 3 years ago when I went to Salem, Massachusetts. I found my button with a pentagram on it. It’s my favorite. I have over 40 buttons on my bag, and 20 at my house. I feel as if it is a good way to express myself. In a way you could say that it’s a coping mechanism.”