Should Sports People Attend Band/Orchestra/Choir Events?

I think anyone that’s in sports should really go to things including band or choir. Everyone is always encouraged to go to football games, volleyball games, tennis, track, and all the other sports to support them.

What about people who sing, or play an instrument? They need support, too. A lot of people get nervous before going out on stage, to know they have someone cheering them on and not judging them would be super helpful. 

Some people who do Band or Orchestra like to know someone is in the audience cheering them on just like someone in football enjoy having the whole crowd cheer for them. Having a whole group of people cheering for you usually helps someone with confidence.
Every other week we have a home game, I go every other week. I feel like it would be nice for the guys/girls in sports to go watch some of the other things involving people of the school. I know some people do but it’s not a lot. 

I’ve noticed most Choir and band/Orchestra concerts are usually just the people who are up on stage’s families. I understand it just doesn’t interest some if not most people, but if you have a friend in one of these then you should go even if it’s just them you cheer for. I go to football, basketball and sometimes volleyball, I go to band and Orchestra performances, I go to plays. I will go to other things this year since a lot of different things are here at the High school, that’s a lot of things I try to go to. So many people do the same thing, even if it’s just to support their friend, but people in sports should do the same. Some people might laugh at this but maybe think about how you feel when people motivate you on the field/court/track, don’t you think others would also enjoy that feeling?