Should The TV In The AC Play Something Other Than The News?


Should the TV in the AC play something other than the news? I think the answer is no. I mean who watches the TV anyways? My friends and I certainly don’t, we sit there and talk, like most people do. 

“Yes, they should play cartoons. It would be more entertaining, and there would be less fights and everyone would be quiet so they could hear it. Instead of just being bored by the news.” ”

— Katelyn Phillips

Most people think they should but I think it doesn’t matter. Like I mentioned, no one watches it, so what’s the point? Another thing, what would they play? Most of the channels people watch the school will probably deem inappropriate anyways. 

“No, because it’s good for the school to know what’s going on with the weather. Let’s just say we’re in outside sports, we gotta know how the weather is outside””

— Micheal Santillian

Plus, most likely most people would want something different, so some people would be disappointed on what’s playing. The news is neutral. No one watches it, no one cares, so the news is just something there. Even if they did decide to play something else, nobody would be able to hear it, maybe the ones right below it could.

“Yes, cause some people pay attention to it then, it’s boring, cause it’s just news and basically no one cares about the news that’s in highschool.” ”

— Brigid Johnson