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Traditions, Food, and The Streets of New Orleans

Louisiana is a very well known state for its traditions, food, and the streets of New Orleans. The traditions range very widely, as well as the food. When visiting Louisiana there are tons of amazing thing to see. The streets are filled with lights and people dancing, there are many places to eat with extraordinary foods, and there are always many tourist attractions to see. You will surely love visiting the Louisiana area.

The food in Louisiana is similar to the food here, but there are a few things that they eat fresh that we would never be able to get in Kansas.
Crab is a very popular meal in Louisiana, being in Louisiana myself, I thought that the crab was amazing. It was caught fresh and tasted fresh as well. The folks in Louisiana are very fond of crab, “I really enjoy eating the crab that I catch, I also love catching them. My family and I go out every weekend to catch them” says Janna Butler, who is a resident of Woodworth, Louisiana. Catching the crab is not the easiest thing in the world, it takes a lot of patience and waiting to finally get one. Crab can taste different, depending on the kind of crab that you may catch. There are two types of crab in the gulf that you might possibly catch to eat, such as, Chesapeake Blue crab (which is what you are most likely to catch) and Florida Stone crab.
Jambalaya is also a very commonly known dish in Louisiana, it is a one-pot meal with meats and vegetables combined with rice. It is an amazing meal to have when you might be on a diet, and all around it is just a fantastic meal. Louisiana is also well known for this dish. It is a tradition to always have this dish on the street ready to be served for Mardi Gras. Some Louisiana folks have this meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.
Bread pudding is a dessert dish that is most commonly known in Louisiana. The bread has differences in different countries, in Louisiana, it is very sweet and is served with a rich type of sauce. Bread pudding is usually only cooked if it is being prepared for a big family meal. “My family has made it a tradition that every year on Christmas or on my birthday we have bread pudding, and it’s always so good.”, says Janna Butler. This dessert has really became a tradition for a lot of people in Louisiana

The streets of New Orleans

The streets of New Orleans are beautiful, there are many stores, places to eat, and tourist attractions. Bourbon Street is a main tourist attraction at night, as well as in the day. It is full of people at all times, there are live bands, people dancing, food, and a lot of souvenir shops surrounding the street.The streets of New Orleans have many places to shop, since shopping is a very common thing. The stores do not only sell clothes, they also sell fishing things, jewelry, and daily supplies you might need. Shopping in New Orleans is a little bit different than shopping in Kansas. The biggest and most liked mall in New Orleans is the Canal Place, ithas high-end fashion and all the trends you could possibly be looking for. It is also pet-friendly, as long as your pet in on a leash. The Canal Place is a very fun place to get some quick food or go on a romantic date. There are many restaurants to choose from in the mall.

The live music is a main attraction on the streets of New Orleans, some people only go walk the streets to hear the live bands playing. The music is a mixture of jazz and classical music, along with some classic country. There is much dancing along the streets as well to this live music. The folks of New Orleans and Louisiana really enjoy the music that is played.

Traditions in Louisiana
The most popular tradition in Louisiana is Mardi Gras. A Mardi Gras is a celebration that is held in New Orleans. It celebrates food and fun just forty days before lent. There is a lot of dancing and eating at this event. “I love Mardi Gras, more teens show up to them than adults though.”, says Janna Butler. The music at Mardi Gras is usually all jazz with a mix of classical country, just like on the streets of New Orleans. Even though there are many traditions in Louisiana, Mardi Gras are the favorite.
Another tradition in Louisiana is how they live, shotgun houses are a big tradition in the way that people live in Louisiana. Shotgun houses are not big houses, they are actually quite small. The reason they are called “Shotgun Houses’ is because when you walk into them you can see straight from the front door to the back door, you could shoot a shotgun when you walk in the front door and it would go straight out the back door without damaging any of the walls. Shotgun houses are very slim, they are built and look like a rectangle.

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