The High Life

The Community Comes Together to Celebrate The Long Lasting Tradition of All Schools Day

May 15, 2019

McPherson County has held All Schools Day for 106 years. McPherson County hosts a carnival during the week of all schools day.  They also host other fun events including May fate, Madonton, and the parade. Tailynn Buettgenbac...

McPherson High School Girls Wrestlers

Katelyn Mintzer, staff writer

May 6, 2019

McPherson girls wrestlers won state at their tournament Saturday, February 9th. More than 200 girls packed in to the MHS roundhouse from 80 different schools all coming to try and win state. The head coach of the girl wrestlers is Doug...

Project Lit Mac

Project Lit Mac

January 30, 2019

Mac-Town CrossFit

Mac-Town CrossFit

January 29, 2019

Con: Song is Sexist

Sally Boese, staff writer

December 19, 2018

The song Baby it’s Cold Outside has sparked controversy among Christmas music listeners, due to the sexist and pressuring lyrics. A few radio stations have removed the song from their playlist, resulting in backlash from th...

Pro: Song is not sexist

Kaylea Hermann, staff writer

December 19, 2018

Speaking to Alexa Allen, Freshman, she said, “I think it is supposed to be a friendly song. It sounds like he's kind of forcing her to stay in the house, but I still think it is a good song to play around the holidays.” ...

High School Graduation

High School Graduation

December 7, 2018

Our 100 Year Celebration!

Hannah Butler, Editor

December 6, 2018

     McPherson High School has had a newspaper, but for how long exactly? In 1919, The High Life was first established at the Senior High School in McPherson, KS. During this time, World War I was ending and the Treaty of ...

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