The High Life

The Interact Club

The Interact Club

December 6, 2019

November Adoption Month

November Adoption Month

November 21, 2019

5th Quarters of McPherson Forms a Community

Hannah Farley

November 6, 2019

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) was started 60 years ago by Don McClanen. It was created for coaches, athletes and even fans to create a connection among each other and grow in their faith. Along that journey 5...

Dating, Love, Time, and Trust

Kayla Ladet, Staff Writer

October 28, 2019

Is love something we can control? Do you think that there is a little piece of us that tells us who we love? That shows us how to love? Sometimes when I’m lying in my bed at night I wonder why people feel the urge to care ab...

Best movies 2019 (so far)

Skyler Porter, staff writer

October 2, 2019

About 108 major movies came out in 2019 or have been announced to release in 2019. So say it is movie night at home or you really want to go see a movie with your friends at your local theater. There's so many options so here...

Should Sports People Attend Band/Orchestra/Choir Events?

Courtney Huber, Staff Writer

September 20, 2019

I think anyone that’s in sports should really go to things including band or choir. Everyone is always encouraged to go to football games, volleyball games, tennis, track, and all the other sports to support them. What about ...

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