Feeling Merry, Here’s 5 Christmas Fun Facts!

Christmas season is coming up right around the corner! Meaning it’s time to get into the festiveness and get ready for the Holidays! Here’s 5 fun facts about Christmas…

#1 Prince Albert made Christmas trees popular. 

Prince Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria, and in 1848 he put up a Christmas tree in Windsor Castle, it has become a tradition ever since!

#2 A man named Tom Smith invented the Christmas Crackers.

Tom Smith lived in London making wedding cake and sweets. When he visited Paris he discovered a sugared almond wrapped in tissue paper called a ‘bon bon’ which inspired his idea for Christmas Crackers.

#3 From 1647 to 1660 it was illegal to celebrate Christmas.

Instead it was made as a day for fasting, and was illegal because Oliver Cromwell believed it should be taken seriously  with no parties due to it being a religious day.

#4 Sir Henry Cole created the first Christmas card in 1843.

Sir Henry Cole designed and went through with the very first Christmas card, although it wasn’t as popular then as it now is today.

#5 Christmas pudding used to be a thick soup.

Originally made in the 14th century it was more like a soup known as “frumenty”. This soup was made of beef, mutton with currants, raisins, spices, wines, and prunes.