A Memory Not Yet Over


Decorating – Shopping for supplies

What’s your favorite memory you have made this year at school? For some it will be an easy question. For me, I just can’t pick just one. Being with the journalism/yearbook class has made this year one of the more fun ones. Going out shopping to decorate the school, writing these articles, helping to make the yearbook, and recently visiting KSN in Wichita. It would be too hard to pick just one. So, how about a memory that hasn’t ended yet? A continuing memory, at least for 5 more weeks.

Writing these articles, and helping to make the yearbook. You get to be so creative, and you get to meet new people and most likely become friends with a few or more. Now, teamwork is not really something I like to do, but when it’s in this class with these people I’ve worked with since the beginning of the year, (or second semester) it had become fun.

Decorating the school, I have already written a short article on this, “Brightening up the School”, but I’ll just do a recap here. The yearbook/journalism team had went out and got motivational posters, and picture frames to hang up team pictures around the school. The best part about that was hearing people say they liked it.

The last thing on that list, was visiting KSN. A field trip from 9:00 till the end of school. We got to ask questions, watch them do the 12:00 PM news.

So, my favorite memory is a continuing one. I’m planning on being in this class next year, so maybe this memory can last throughout the rest of my time at high school. The last day of my senior year here, this memory will be over.