Brightening up the School

This school was plain, to say the very least. It needed something done, a bit of something to do with the students. High schools are big on sports, so why didn’t we have any of our teams hanging up? We should have had some action shots.  Something to show our teams off, and what about the “student life”?

To help, the journalism/yearbook team put enlarged photos of our students and teams.

Sometimes, with people going to school, and lots of them going to work as well, it can stress them out. We needed something bright to lighten someone’s day even if it’s just a little bit.

The team put sticker decals of inspirational quotes and colorful polka dots on mirrors, walls, and some lockers. They also put photos of inspirational things in bathrooms and on the walls around the school.

The school has a bit more color now, maybe there will be more pictures up next year of the new teams, more about the student life of this year, and not just brick walls.