What will USD 418 Do About the Stadium Issue?

McPherson College is not leasing anymore due to the numbers increasing from athletic programs. The McPherson College Stadium kept having to replace their track and football field due to the many uses of it with a large number of athletic players. But McPherson College is letting USD 418 use it only for football games, soccer games, and track meets till USD 418 finds another location for their athletic program to participate at for home games and meets. 

According to the McPherson Sentinel, back in 2002 USD 418 joined a lease for athletic facilities with McPherson college, which went till 2012. Then there was another lease made after 2012, which will be ending soon for our USD 418. It cost USD 418 “$115,000 per year” said Shane Backhus, principal of USD 418,  to be able to use the stadium for our athletic program. 

But there was a final phase between USD 418 and McPherson college year of 2012 that cost $1.6 million for stadium improvements.  “Andrew Ehling, athletic director at McPherson College, said the final phase of improvements will include a new press box, ADA-compliant ramps, new spectator seating, and improvements to sidewalks, fencing, restrooms, and locker rooms. The project also includes replacing the grass at the south end of the stadium with concrete for better runoff and drainage, making the area more usable.” From MC Admin, posted on March 23, 2016. 

 There was a school boards meeting on, December 14, 2020,  where on Brain Meeks facebook page had uploaded all the zoom meetings from this year of 2020, due to covid. After the meetin I asked Shake Backhus what USD 418 will do about the lease with McPherson College. Shane Backhus answered with “ As far as any potential bond issue construction projects, and configuration, no details have been decided on yet.” Therefore it is still undetermined and haven’t been discussed yet.