Pets and emotional support


Macyn Ward

Macyn Ward’s son, Riceball, right after his first bath.

Why do people get pets in the first place? Well it’s different for everyone. It could be that pets help us in hard times, making us feel less alone in this big world. It could also be the fact that some animals just look cool and are fun to show off. Which should never be your only reason to get a pet. It’s morally wrong. If you get a pet you should be prepared to take care of it and treat it right. Which includes giving it the proper amount of love and attention.

I’ve gone and asked a few people to tell me about their pets and how their pets have helped them. These are their responses:


This is Bandit, Caitlynn Bascue’s dog. She said, “He is my emotional support animal and he stayed in the hospital with me recently due to my car wreck.” Bascue was in a wreck on the 9th of August. She broke her right ankle, femur, ribs, shoulder, left elbow, back, and her pelvic bone. But luckily she is doing much better. Although everything is still broken she is home and learning how to walk again.




Neveah Reynolds has a few dogs but this one here is Charli, he’s a male Yorkie Poodle mix. She says, “he looks much cuter when he is trimmed and clean.”

Neveah also has two mutts, their names are Bennett and Phoenix. They’re both pretty big dogs, as they are mixed with Pitbull, Husky, Great Dane, and German Shepherd. All her dogs have been trained in different ways. She also used to have a Malamute named Benjerman. She said that, “He was a very very over protective dog which was what I loved the most about him when we would take him on walks, he would stand very closely to us. Although he was not trained to stay with us. He liked to run away when he got the chance, but he always came back. He is a very big dog, I loved him to death, he did not pass but we                                                                                                       had to give him to his family before us.”

Macyn has given me a list about Riceball, her son, who is a Hedge Hog. And he is adorable and deserves all of the snoot boops. Here is her list:
“1. He is 3 years old, 4 in January
2. His full name is Riceball but most of the time I’ll call him “Ricey” for short
3. My favorite memory would probably be when I take him out to the pet store, all the little kids get really excited. Hedgehogs aren’t as common of pets, so people will usually have some questions about how to take care of them, but I don’t mind.
-Here I asked her if Riceball was good emotional support.-
4. Oh absolutely. I sleep in the basement alone, so it’s just nice having another living creature around to keep me company. Even if he is a bit of a brat sometimes. We hang out together at night because he’s nocturnal. Overall it’s nice to actually be responsible for something other than yourself.
Other: To anyone who may be looking to get their own hedgie, make sure to do your research on everything. The breeder you get them from, what you feed them, what all is in their cage, and anything else you can think of all need to be researched carefully. They’re special creatures who require special attention, but it’s all worth it in the end.”

This is London-Pearl, a leopard gecko, and Lucy Bowman.




Bowman’s gecko  turned one on the 18th of September. Lucy said that her favorite memory with Pearl would have to be when she took her home for the first time, just watching her explore her cage. She also said that, “Unlike the lizard that we had before her, Pearl was, and still is, super confident and smart. I guess that you could say she is good emotional support for me.”