Steven Universe Future Review


Last week on December 7th, 2019 the brand new show Steven Universe Future premiered on Cartoon Network. Steven Universe Future is a limited series that serves as an epilogue for the original cartoon series, Steven Universe. The 2013 cartoon series has had many developments over the years with five seasons, a movie, and several different apps.

As of now, the Crystal Gems have healed all corrupted gems and made amends with the diamonds. After the events of the movie, everything is looking great for our heroes. Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe, says otherwise.

Steven Universe Future is all about tying up loose ends and wrapping up the story while exploring some new factors. If lucky enough to tune in, you would’ve seen the first four episodes, Little Homeschool, Guidance, Rosebuds, and Volleyball. 

The entire series stirred up questions like, “What happened to Jasper?” “What are the uncorrupted-gems doing nowadays?” “Are all of the bubbled Rose Quartzes free?” and “How did pink pearl get her crack?” The first four episodes of Steven Universe Future answered all of these questions with epic results. Steven also has a new power: He can turn his entire body pink and stop time. This uncontrollable power can be efficient in battle, but it can get him in big trouble, and we LOVE IT!

Based on many ratings and an impressive score of 100% on rotten tomatoes, we can tell that this mini-series is definitely going to put the cherry quartz on top of an amazing series.