LGBTQ+ laws in other countries


Some people usually only pay attention to the laws in their own country. But do they even know about laws in other countries? The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting to get their rights, since at least 1969 and are still fighting for those rights.  For the LBGTQ+ community in Kansas can get married but can’t adopt children as a couple, we can’t legally change our gender, and conversion therapy is still legal and there have been no laws put into place to ban it. Overall I believe that Australia and Thailand are supportive of LGBT but on the other hand, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, and Indonesia seem to be against LGBT.


Same-Sex Marriage

In Japan, Turkey, Thailand, and Indonesia same-sex marriage is unrecognized meaning they don’t acknowledge same-sex marriage. In Egypt, same-sex marriage is illegal since same-sex activities are illegal and can be you will be imprisoned as punishment. In Australia, same-sex marriage is legal so good news for some Aussies.


Legal gender change

 If anyone in Indonesia would wish to legally change their gender then they must have had a gender reassignment surgery just like in Japan and Turkey. If you live in Thailand you can’t legally change your gender but on the other hand, if you happen to ever live in Egypt or Australia you can legally change your gender and aren’t required to have the surgery.


Same-sex adoption

In Australia, if a same-sex couple wishes to adopt a child it’s legal. In Egypt, you must be single if you’re part of LGBTQ+ to adopt a child. In Japan there are no laws that state that same-sex people can or cannot adopt in a way like Turkey, laws say that LGBTQ+ parents are unfit yet there are no laws in place that say they can or cannot adopt. In Indonesia and Thailand laws say that only married LGBTQ+ couples may adopt children.