Trying Crayon Pumpkins


Desire Epps

A Canva Made picture presenting the idea of our article.

For the Halloween season our group tried melting crayons with a hot glue gun to decorate pumpkins. After seeing pictures and videos, everything seemed like it would go to plan, but our main problem was that the crayons wouldn’t fit.

Suggested by many friends, our teacher, Mrs. Harrison decided that we should form a group and try decorating pumpkins with the hot glue gun trick. Setting up all we needed we all decided to create our pumpkins into what we want before we tried the hot glue gun.

After main trials of breaking or shaving down the crayons, we came to a conclusion that the crayons either were too short, or just wouldn’t fit in at all. Since they were too short, the hot glue gun wasn’t capable of pushing the crayon down. This resulted in nothing coming out of the hot glue gun. The crayon just melted in the bottom and made a mess.

Even though the crayon trick didn’t work we still found many ways to make our pumpkins look nice.

The size of our pumpkins were medium and ranged from orange to a whitish, green color. We had gloss, acrylic, and puffy paint, paint brushes, ribbon, markers, flowers, pencils and notepads. We all used almost each of these options from the supplies to create.

Our designs came out to be a Jack Skellington, Jack-o-lantern, fall themed, and Green dripping pumpkin. 

If you plan on trying this out yourself we recommend simply buying the crayola crayon melter or colored hot glue. But if you don’t want the crayon or aren’t able to use them, like we weren’t, just get whatever you can and decorate it however you want.