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Image from Stephen King

Image from Stephen King

Opinion: Has Coronavirus taken over the world?

Coronavirus is a huge illness that is going around the world. Many people that died from the virus had health problems, that combined with coronavirus led to their death. Worldometer says that there are 121,487 cases of the virus with 4,382 deaths from it and 66,912 recovered.

Many news organizations are making it sound as if coronavirus is what killed them overall. They also stated that many of these individuals also had other health problems in addition. So I believe that that also had something to do with it and not just the virus itself. 

But at the same time, people and the media have been acting as if that’s the next big thing that might kill us all. However, there have been many illnesses that the media thought were going to end the world but didn’t, such as Ebola, SARS, or MERS. I believe that the news and other resources make it a little dramatic more than they already have been doing.

The coronavirus has impacted lives negatively, yes, but I don’t think flights should be canceled nor schools unless it has been seen or reported that there was a student that had got it or teacher. Then maybe it’s necessary just because there might be a chance of others getting the virus. Also if there is an illness going around maybe be cautious and aware of the whereabouts and be professional about it. So probably do what is needed to keep it clean from where you may be.


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