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Spring and Summer Sports Edition

Students and teachers were asked the following question: What is your favorite spring/summer sport?

I like track because I love to watch my brother and my friends be competitive and even though I don’t run in track I run on my own free time. But I like to see people be competitive and run fast.”

— Halle Armstrong, Freshman

My favorite spring/summer sport is couch potatoing, because Netflix is on.”

— Ano Chikunya, Freshman

Softball, because it’s more of a girly sport, and I love the sport! I actually play it. Kinda runs in my family.”

— Sydni Williams, Freshman

I like soccer, because it’s fun, and I like winning with my team. It’s also good exercise and makes you feel fit.”

— Meghan Smith, Freshman

I like girl’s swim, because I know a lot of girls on the team, and it takes a lot of cardio.”

— Abby Denshaw, Senior

My favorite summer sport is baseball because my favorite team is the Kansas City Royals.”

— Mike Reith, Teacher

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