The High Life

Dating, Love, Time, and Trust

Kayla Ladet, Staff Writer

October 28, 2019

Is love something we can control? Do you think that there is a little piece of us that tells us who we love? That shows us how to love? Sometimes when I’m lying in my bed at night I wonder why people feel the urge to care about someone so deeply they consider it love. I always tell myself that there...

MHS Student Are Now Being Caught off Task In Class Because Of An App Called DyKnow

DyKnow is wanting to keep students on task

Katelyn Mintzer, Sports Editor

October 15, 2019

Students at McPherson High School have fewer opportunities for getting off task during class. Many teachers are now using an app called DyKnow. DyKnow is a classroom management software that helps teachers keep students on task. This software has been trying to help the teacher defeat distractions in ...

Modeling For Success

Taylor Buehrle modeling at Kansas City Fashion Week, living her career dream.

Maleiah Ewert, Managing Editor

October 1, 2019

There’s no doubt that High School is hard.  It’s a time where everyone is trying to fit in yet find who they truly are.  For some people, their dreams come naturally and they don’t stop till they’re in motion.   Taylor Buehrle is a Sophomore at McPherson High School and an aspiring model....

The Controversies of The MHS Phone Policy

Ava Howard violating the MHS phone policy.

Atlanta Wing

September 9, 2019

September 2019-2020 school year at the McPherson High School the phone policy has lead to complaining and controversy by how its being implemented among the students.   Most teachers at MHS have you put your phone in a phone pocket. However, students are irritated with this rule thinking it’s...

Advice For The People of MHS

Advice For The People of MHS

Faith Lininger, Staff Writer

August 27, 2019

For the past 3 years, I have been wondering about an advice column for the McPherson High School newspaper, a place to get helpful advice, and remain anonymous throughout the whole thing.  Quite often, teens will talk to peers about their problems more than an adult, even a trusted adult. Student...

Students Views on the Redesign

What are your views on the new redesign at MHS?

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

August 26, 2019

Near the end of the second semester last year, it was announced that a group of students and teachers were planning a redesign. This redesign was going to include turning one of the locker pod area's into a study lounge and including some project based learning time (pup time). These changes were made...

Does the Construction Affect Where you Park at School?

Kaylea Herrman, Ella Dysinder, Skyler Porter, Ava Howard, Staff Writer

August 21, 2019


Is Facebook Increasing or Decreasing on the Amount of Users?

Teenagers on their phones.

Katelyn Mintzer, staff writer

May 22, 2019

  Facebook is a popular app that was discovered in 2004. There are 745 million daily mobile users. Every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook. On average, there are 486,183 users a minute accessing Facebook from mobile devices. Facebook earns an average of $5.85 from every U.S. user, and is ...

Being A Mom, The Worlds Hardest Job

Being A Mom, The Worlds Hardest Job

Maleiah Ewert, Staff Writer

May 14, 2019

As mother day approaches, it’s time we celebrate our moms and motherly figures in our lives.  Although we say the happy mothers day phrase to our lovely mothers, do we actually realize and appreciate what mothers do for us all?   There's no doubt that being a mom is extremely hard.  Being a m...

Senior Showcase

Alyssa Kramer showcases her many patches from girl scouting and the college she will be attending.

Kaylea Herrman, Staff Writer

May 5, 2019

The Impact of School Starting Later

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that middle and high schools start at 8:30 a.m. or later. Katelyn Mintzer demonstrates what happens when you don’t get the recommended amount of sleep.

Kaylea Herrman, Staff Writer

April 30, 2019

Many students at MHS would love to have a later school starting time, but could this actually benefit the students? A problem for many teachers at schools is students falling asleep during class. They not only miss out on the lesson, but they also might get a detention. If MHS teens brains aren't awak...

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