The High Life

Postseason Excitement

Heidi Myers, Co-Editor

November 22, 2016

The once unstoppable McPherson High School football team just did not take no for an answer. The boys stopped at nothing to keep playing in the postseason. With a record of 8-3, the boys ended their season with a tough matchup aga...

Mac Executes Another Blowout Win

Bailey Yarborough

September 28, 2016

Mac Executes Another Blowout Win Friday, September 23, McPherson Bullpups upset 7th Ranked Augusta in a 42-0 win. The Augusta Orioles were a tough team; Mac knew this and were expecting a close match. Augusta was undefeated...

Mac Blowout Winfield

Mac Blowout Winfield

September 22, 2016

Concussions in Football

Jalynn Montford, staff

December 4, 2015

   Recent research has showed that high school sports players have a higher chance of getting a concussion than even college sports players. Concussions don’t only affect the player, it affects the people around them, such as...

Football Rack Up Yards Against Winfield

Zaida Chapman, Journalism 1 Student

October 14, 2015

This week the McPherson High School football team suited up for a game at Winfield. Considering the fact that they got the win from El Dorado this previous week they were comfortable and well prepared to play at Winfield. The fir...

Football Takes a Hit

Football Takes a Hit

September 23, 2015

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