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April 9, 2016

To Deli or Not To Deli

Heidi Myers, Staff Writer

March 21, 2016

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Everybody has their favorite restaurant. Some like Taco Bell, Subway, Tres Amigos, the Courtyard, or even Dairy Queen. I mean the selection here in McPherson is pretty dim. The Main Street Deli has been a favorite stop for ma...

The Reality of Spring Break

Megan Wiens, Staff

March 9, 2016

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Spring Break has been an example for the typical teen life for decades. Its theme can be seen in popular movies and tv shows- ones that show the excitement and occasional craziness of the time off. These movies have set the bar...

Apple VS Android

Apple VS Android

February 12, 2016

Let the Colors Reign

Let the Colors Reign

January 25, 2016

Reasons to Smile

Olivia Hansen, Co-editor

January 11, 2016

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Every year, hundreds of new trees are planted because squirrels forget where they planted their nuts. Cows have best friends, and get stressed out when they are separated. There’s an island in Japan called Okunoshima that’s fille...

Christmas Appreciation

Julia Eilert, Writer

January 6, 2016

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The Holidays are approaching, and with them comes a whirlwind of panic and stress. It’s hard to remember in the midst of it all that this time is meant to be enjoyed. Wrapped up in rituals like Black Friday, and purchasing the...

How to Wrap Presents

How to Wrap Presents

December 14, 2015

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