Top 5 Summer Activities to do with Friends

Top 5 Summer Activities to do with Friends
  • Having a picnic at the park
      1. You can go to many parks, but my friends and I usually go to Lakeside Park and once we are done with the picnic, we typically walk around the park and talk.
  • Movie Night
      1. Even though it isn’t outside you could still have a movie night because you won’t have to worry about school the next day
  • Go swimming
      1. Since the pool is open you can always go swimming with your friends or float in the lazy river if you don’t like swimming as much.
  • Make S’mores
      1. At night you and your friends could get cozy by a campfire and roast marshmallows
  • Go to the beach
    1. If you are thinking of going on vacation with your friends, I would choose someplace close to the shore since we don’t have any near, and you can build sand castles and all that fun stuff.