April Showers Bring May Flowers


As we are starting to get into the warmer weather, we are also starting to see the wildlife come out. There are more birds, butterflies, and rabbits. All of those are amazing, but another beautiful part of the time of year is the plants. While our grass is turning from brown to green, we also start to see more flowers. Flowers are so crucial for the wildlife and the entire ecosystem. Not only do they feed endangered species like bees, but they also give us a wonderful scene. All of this put together can really help put us in the summer mood and help us get through the final stretch of the school year.

Growing Foxglove - Planting & Caring for Digitalis Flowers | Garden Design

The first flower is the Foxglove. This tall flower has many colors including white, purple, and pink. Most of the flowers are a combination of white and another color. It has a tall spike that is covered with beautiful blossoms. Although it takes a few years to mature, it is definitely worth the wait. Both bees and humming birds enjoy this flower and visit them often. Be careful, though, as they are poisonous and ingesting any part of the flower can make you sick.


How To Grow And How To Care For Peonies In Your GardensNext is the extremely gorgeous Peonies. This lovely and vibrant flower comes in a wide range of reds, oranges, and pinks. They can be grown almost year round and have been know to live for up too one-hundred years. Even in the winter, they utilize the cold temperature to help the budding process so that they can spread and grow more. Based on the species you plant, the scent might change, but they all smell amazing. Make sure that where you plant them is where you want them to stay because they don’t transfer well.

Garden State Bulb Multicolor Tulip Bulbs Bagged 50-Pack in the Plant Bulbs department at Lowes.comFinally, we have a simple yet elegant flower, tulips. They have a wide variety of colors and are beautiful flowers. They begin growing in late winter or early summer, but they are extremely cold resistant and won’t be hurt if there is a frost. They are great flowers for being cut and used in arrangements, but they need to be planted again each year. They also grow well indoors.