The Peep Culture


Peeps are probably the most popular candy around Easter time. They come in all colors and flavors. They have been around since 1953. The original form was yellow chicks but slowly they started adding other colors, shapes, and flavors. Each year around 700 million (about half of that is me) peeps are eaten.

There are two shapes that come in during Easter and that are chicks and bunnies. Most flavors come in the shape of a chick and the color is related to the flavor. The flavors include Pancake and syrup, pumpkin spice, and red velvet. Although these sound interesting my personal favorite is the fruit punch flavor. These are just some of the weird flavors there are plenty more.

Peeps even hold competitions including a peep-eating contest with the winning title currently being held by Matt Stonie after he ate 255 peeps in 5 minutes. He has reigned as champion since 2017. I wonder how well I would do? The first contest was held in 1994. Other challenges are creating dioramas with peeps as the people and even destroying them. This is because Peeps have been proven to be nearly indestructible. They are not dissolvable in boiling water, liquid nitrogen, sulfuric acid, or even sodium hydroxide. But before you get too worried all peeps that have taken part in the experiments have signed release forms.

As you can see Peeps are a huge part of the candy industry and will be for a long time.