Actions Speak Louder Than Coaches


Spring sports have all officially started and weather is finally starting to get warmer.  Yesterday, February 27th, MHS had their first soccer practice, baseball practice, track practice, boys tennis practice, boys golf, and softball. We are all excited that it started and ready to get going. We can’t wait for our first games and all the team bonding we will get to do with our own teams. The weather is getting nice, and we also love that.  We can have great practices out on the new field and the new track. We love having the track and field right outside the school so that we don’t have to travel somewhere else for our practices. I had my first practice yesterday for track, and it was so much fun.  I cant wait to see where this season gets me. I interviewed freshman Addison Shaft here at MHS because she had her first soccer practice yesterday. She said she had so much fun, and the weather was perfect for the first day!! I also interviewed freshman here at MHS Jasmyn Evans, and she said their first practice was easy and basic and she loves her team already. I run track and our first practice was fun and it was fun to get out there with coach Monty and coach Pav and the weather was beautiful I can’t wait to see how the season goes or all the sports