MHS Students and Staff’s Opinions on the 2023 Super Bowl

On February 8, 2023 I went around MHS and surveyed 20 students and staff members of MHS. My survey question was, “Who do You Think Will Win the 2023 Super Bowl?” I got some different answers. I was almost expecting all 20 answers to be for the Chiefs just since they are closer to us. I was surprised when I even got the couple responses for the Eagles that I did. With the couple of people that did say the Eagles, some of them said that they thought that the Eagles would win even though they wanted to Chiefs to win. This information was extremely surprising to me, again just because we live closer to the Chiefs and we have a lot of Chiefs fans at MHS. Overall there was still a significant increased number of people who voted for the Chiefs over the Eagles, but the Eagles weren’t completely out of the running.