King’s Day


In Mexico and many other Latin American countries, Santa isn’t as popular or well known. Instead of Santa, it is the 3 wise men who leave presents near or inside shoes of the small children. For King’s Day, they have a grand feast to honor the occasion of Jesus’s baptism and to also pay homage to the three wise men. King’s day is January 6th.  On the 6th, they have a huge feast, and they eat a cake called a Rosca De Reyes. A Rosca De Reyes is a special bread with fruit and sugar that is made in a shape of a crown. When eating a Rosca De Reyes, there’s a bite size plastic toy baby meant to represent Jesus. If you get the baby in your piece of cake, you are to bring all or most of the food to the feast. Most people have a huge feast on February 2nd too and that’s when the person who got the baby brings the food.