Winter Crafts to keep you busy!


      During the winter months, you are probably stuck inside your house because it’s too cold to go outside and do activities. Well, don’t worry.  There are plenty of fun and cool and crafts to keep you busy while being inside.

Some of the crafts you can do are making paper snowflakes or making a snowman out of playdough. Here is a craft that you are really going to love making.

The first craft you should make is paper snowflakes.  How you make them is to fold a piece of paper into a triangle and then take scissors and cut however you want and then open it and you have a beautiful pattern of a snowflake.

Also, another craft that you can do is make a playdough snowman out of clay or playdough. First, you start off with white playdough or clay and make three balls of playdough. After that, you stack the playdoh on top of one of the balls to make it look like a snowman! Then you can use different colors to make the arms and buttons and hat, and then you’re done you made a cute snowman out of playdough!

The last craft I am going to be telling you about is coloring pages. Coloring pages are so much fun and keep you busy for hours on end.  You can literally print any coloring page. They have so many cute Christmas designs and characters to color.

And that’s all. These are some crafts to keep you busy inside while it’s chilly outside. Hope you enjoyed this article, I hope it gave you some good ideas and fun crafts to do in your free time.