New Year’s Eve Traditions


There are many traditions when it comes to New Year’s Eve that vary from family to family. Many countries and religions have traditions for most holidays but for New Year’s Eve, families carry most of the traditions. In this article, I will go over the many traditions coming from different countries

In the United States, many people enjoy celebrating the New Year with their families, eating a good meal, watching movies, and at the end of the day in New York watching the ball drop simulating the New Year has begun. Even in different time zones around the country, many people enjoy watching the New York ball drop.

In Spain, New Year’s Eve is known as “Noche Viejo” meaning “Old Night”, and they spend this holiday with their families at home. Spain’s main tradition is at the last twelve seconds of the year they eat one grape every second to signify the twelve months of the New Year, and this is supposed to bring good luck and happiness to the New Year.

In Brazil, people celebrate by wearing white clothing to seek peace and wearing bright-colored underwear to bring luck to the New Year.

Out of all the countries listed, I think that Denmark is the wildest. Just as the clock is about to hit midnight people go up onto a chair and then jump down at the stroke of 12 to show that they are jumping into the New Year with luck.