Halloween is Near!

Halloween is near so get your costumes and bags!

Halloween is all about the evening before “All Saints” or “All Hallows” day. The reason we have Halloween is because the Western Christian feast of All Saints.  The real meaning of Halloween is the day before All Saints Day.  It is a very big tradition where people back in the 1900’s thought that their dead loved ones would return home, so Halloween became a tradition where they lit candles and dressed in costumes to scare off the spirits of their dead loved ones away.

When people first decided to start the tradition, they never knew it was gonna end up like this. Dressing up in costumes and going to houses and getting candy is the Halloween tradition! In my opinion Hall0ween is the best holiday out there,.  You can watch scary movies and eat candy all night! I think that they made Halloween because they wanted a holiday where they could be out at night.  Halloween is kinda like Hocus Pocus.