The Adams Family? I Think Yes.

The theater department at MHS is having a show called The Adams Family.  My friend Kamryn Carver is in the play, Kamryn told me a few thing about the play and here’s a few things she had to say:

“The dates of the play are September 29th, 30th, and October 1st. They all start on the same time, weekend and during the weekday, 7:00pm is the starting time and around 8:45- 10:00pm is roughly around the time that the play will end.”

“The Addams Family is about…

The Addams Family is about their only daughter, Wednesday.  Wednesday is getting married but she dosen’t want her mother to know. The Addams meat The Brinkles whom Wednesday is engaged to their son, Lucas.”

Kamryn stated, “I dance in a lot of it and it’s fun to dance, especially with the costumes.”

“The main characters are Morticia, Bomez, Wednesday, Pugsly, Grandma, Fester, Lurch, Beinkes, Lucas, Man, and Alice.”

The Ancestors, Flight attendant, Caveman, Conquistator,Puritan, Courtsman, American Indian, Saloon girl, Soldier, and Gambler are also characters in the musical.