Fall Homecoming Spirit Week!


Audra Givens

Sean Solofra wearing a ghillie suit and face paint.

Last week was our first spirit week! We had a lot of fun dressing up to come to school! We had five amazing themes for each of the days! Monday was Hawaiian Day where each person could dress up wearing a Hawaiian shirt or dress up like a surfer. Tuesday was Adam Sandler day. We all know when it comes to fashion Adam Sandler can put anyone to shame. Everybody wore big baggy clothes and rocked them! Wednesday was twin day. By the end of the day I was seeing double!  Thursday I couldn’t see anyone because it was Camo Day! My favorite camo out fit was the ghillie suits! To finish off the week we had a White Lies Day! You wear a white shirt with a lie on it! Another way to do it is to wear a shirt for a team you don’t support.

Sean Solofra wearing a ghillie suit and face paint. (Audra Givens)

I think that dressing up for a spirit week is a great way to add some fun to the normal school day! For it to work though, you have to go all out and do it with some friends! Not only is it a fun way to switch things up but you can also express yourself and interests in a new way. Next time we have a spirit week, I suggest you participate and get your friends to do it with you!