Just Another Memory

The bright lights, screaming fans, and the colors red and white throughout the stands will forever be a favorite sight of mine. Friday Night Lights is my favorite memory of high school, but since this year is my senior year, last season’s FNL’s meant a little more to me because it was the last of them my class and I will ever see.

I wish planning what outfit I’m going to wear every Friday night to match the theme was the worst worry I’ll ever have. One thing that I love about the FNL season is getting to dress up with all my friends and take pictures during and after the game. We always would plan with each other what we were going to wear and if we needed more clothing options or accessories.  We were always immediately on the way to Walmart just so we could go all out. From pink-out to Halloween costumes, we were sure to fit the description to blend right in with our student section.

If you’re an underclassman, make sure NOT to sit at any of the bottom three rows of the student section or you’re bound to get the wrath of a senior girl dressed as a cowboy. If you’re an underclassman that participates in the student section right now, I’m sure you understand because you’re also looking forward to be in the high and mighty spot of the closest three rows to the field. Now that I’m a senior, it was my turn and all the rest of my classmates to take over the student section as well as find seniors who will be leading our student sections for the rest of the year. This FNL season was so much fun because it was finally our turn to cheer on our own senior boys on the field, and if you aren’t cheering, well then you got yelled at by us.

This year I attended all the home varsity games and had a blast with my friends at every one. I’m sad that I’ll never be able to join in on cowbell or the coaster cheer. FNL is one of my favorite environments to be in with the whole community and school surrounding you all cheering for the same team and being huddled up in the student section cracking jokes. As I move on to graduate next month and go to college, I’m hoping to start a new set of school memories and put myself in the same positive and fun environments.