My 2021-2022 Memory

My favorite memory and the most recent one that I can remember as of right now is when the journalism class and I went on a field trip to KSN news.

It was April 13th.  We had to leave at 9 in the morning from the school and ride in a van, and I had a seat that was off from the others, and it felt like I was sitting on a toilet, so awkward. The whole way there I was so stressed out because I had a band event I had to go to that was going to cut my time at KSN if I wanted to get to it on time. We stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel.  I was still nervous about being late so I ate my meal as fast as I could and was secretly hoping everyone would hurry up too.

When we actually got to KSN, I was in shock at how small everything was.  It’s so much smaller in real life than you expect it to be on a TV screen. We met some of the people there and they were pretty nice.  They answered our questions and would give other answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask. It was kind of nerve-wracking in my opinion because everyone there is so professional, and I wanted to seem professional-ish too in a way, just in case if I ever do work there in the future I would have a good reputation already.

I had to leave KSN before everyone else and my grandma, aka, my driver knew that we were in a hurry so we went our way to my mom’s dentist’s office where she was already waiting sitting in her car to go. I quickly jumped into her car and we went.  Luckily the drive wasn’t too long, and I got there just on time. The band and I warmed up, and when we performed I was so nervous I was shaking while playing. We ended up getting a 1 which is the best score you can get on the two songs we performed, Moscow 1941 and Synergy. On the way back my mom and I stopped at a restaurant that looked small on the outside but was huge on the inside for ice cream. The ice cream was good and we ended up getting our pictures taken with the ice cream. This is definitely one of my favorite memories of this school year,  I’ll for sure be doing both classes next year too.