MHS Yearbook Team Take a Trip to KSN

This Wednesday, the Yearbook and Journalism class took a field trip to Wichita to get a tour of the KSN news station. Rachel Sommerfeld, the director at KSN, invited the group up to give them a tour of the station, show behind the scenes of broadcasting and writing for the news, and even got to watch part of the noon broadcast live.

The introduction of the tour was started off with Rachel explaining the different jobs at the station, how to start your journalism career, the importance of the news, and more interesting information. She then guided the students throughout the station starting off with the control room where they showed students how they do the technology of the broadcast and how all these little factors are crucial to making a great, informational show for the viewers. Students then got to step on set and watch news anchor Bret Buganski tell a story live from the station. After they were off the air, they then got to chat with Bret and meteorologist, Erika Page, and ask them both questions and even go to experience sharing the forecast on the green screen. They then continued on to the news room full of other KSN employees explaining their different jobs and why they’re important to KSN.

The Yearbook and Journalism class had an amazing time learning and getting the behind-the-scenes tour. As a class they all can agree that their favorite part of the whole trip was getting to be on set and watch Bret and Erika do their jobs live and in person. Lot’s of great advice and knowledge was given out to the team which they will use to continue to create your very own MHS 2021-2022 yearbook.